Visitor Visa

UK is one of the world’s popular destinations across the globe, attracting millions of foreign visitors each year seeking to enter the United Kingdom temporarily for general, business and other special purposes. From sightseeing to meeting friends, from travelling to making business trips, the UK has plenty to offer. Since 27 November 2008, Government of UK has implemented certain rules to review the process of Immigration to UK. This has been done to ensure that all the visitors are genuine on their activities.

Applicants may plan to walk the same streets as the kings, queens, princes, and princesses that they have studied in history class, read about in the newspapers, and seen on television.

  • Business Visitor Visa
  • Child Visitor Visa
  • Entertainers Visitor Visa
  • Family Visitor Visa
  • Marriage Visitor Visa
  • Medical Visitor Visa
  • Parent of a Child at School Visa
  • Sportsperson Visitor Visa
  • Tourist Visitor Visa

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