Tourist Visa For Thailand

Tourist Visa for Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country situated at the centre of Indochina peninsula in the mainland of South East Asia. Thailand, a gorgeous country is blended with multiple cultures that covers an area of 513,120 sq kms. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and also a mesmerizing destination, most likely visited by Indians or they desired to visit once in a life.

As one of the tourism destinations, Thailand offers two types of visa short time and long time depending on duration time. Mostly Indians want to explore destinations for short time so three kind of short time visas are offered for purpose of tourism:

Transit Visa

This visa is issued when people want to travel to Thailand for stay of up to 30 days per entry ( Valid multiple entries)

Tourist Visa

This visa is valid for 60 days per entry (Valid single/double/multiple entries)

Visa on Arrival

This type of visa is issued for stay up to 15 days per entry for passport holders of 19 countries including India. Note: Employment is strictly prohibited because visit is just for tourism purposes.

Valid Documents Required:

  • Visa Application Form
  • 2 recent photographs
  • Passport with at-least 6 months validity
  • Two Photocopies of passport
  • Reference form
  • Copy of return flight ticket
  • Accommodation (Hotel Reservation)
  • Financial Status.

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