Work Visa For Dubai

Need Work Visa in Dubai?

Dubai is an excellent international city of the 21st century, as the number of vacancies is exponentially increases along with burst growth in productivity. As every year a notable rise is anticipated in many sectors like driving, airports, interiors, computers as well as labour too. So there are plentiful of opportunities for employment for both skilled and unskilled workers, but processing time for getting work visa in Dubai could be of considerable length.

To get a work visa in Dubai, you required to have resident visa, which is mostly valid for the time period of three years. Duration of work visa depends upon the type of employment which is possessed after a simple process that require legal documents and proofs.

Steps to get work visa:

  • An application form
  • Several passport-size photographs. Specific photograph requirements for the application can be found here
  • Need of driving license if the application form is for job of driver.
  • Original passport with a copy
  • Copy of a valid company card (where you are going to work)
  • Valid commercial license of the company
  • Application fee
  • A valid health certificate
  • Entry visa issued by the Ministry of Labour

Medical Requirements for Residence Visa:

Valid health certificate is required for residence visa, for this applicants undergo a health check at the government hospital once the applicant is in the country.

Note: Certificate from any other country is not accepted.

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